you're here because you are passionate about your work + you understand the impact of stellar design.

I’m here to empower you + collaborate with you to create a unique visual identity that gives life to your business.

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...the owner, visual branding creator + graphic designer of Hanna Braud Design. I work with businesses, of all sizes, to create uniquely designed visual identities + digital & print collateral to enhance marketing.

When I'm not behind a computer screen, you can find me embracing a new chapter of life I like to call "parenthood" with my husband (aka best friend). Together we have a 7 month old, and 2 of the sweetest pups you'll ever know. 

I'm Hanna

about me

In my perfect dream world, I wouldn't have a traditional home. I'd probably live out of a van, traveling from coast to coast, finding workspaces in coffee shop corners with good window light.


Until that dreams becomes reality, I'll stick to week long vacations with my love + our son, in places we've never been, near people we've never met. This is where I find mental freedom and joy. This is my happy place.

No really, I LOVE watching a business grow because of the person behind it. But, NOTHING really beats the biz owner that places value on their branding from the get-go.



These guys are my favorite because they go the extra mile to serve their clients. By creating a clear brand identity that communicates their message, they will appeal to their target audience + their clients will easily be able to identify their favorite businesses products..

my why

MY philosophy 

why I do what I do

I fully believe that the success of businesses is fueled by how well they communicate their message + I know that the best way to convey that message is by having a well established brand. My desire is to encourage the success of a business by helping them find clarity within their brand + collaborating to create a unique visual identity that best represent the heart + soul of their work.

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stellar graphic design starts by choosing a designer who understands your value and is intentional about bringing YOUR vision to life.

- Hanna Braud

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